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Swedish LabDays 2017 and the future in 2018 and 2019




In the autumn of 2017 we conducted the Swedish LabDays fair in Stockholm for the first time. With 74 exhibitors and barely 1,000 visitors, the new fair had a good start. We have therefore decided to launch a Swedish LabDays fair in Gothenburg this year (2018). The decision about launching a fair in Gothenburg has been taken together with Swedish Labtech (the swedish association within the Lab industry). The goal is to gather around 40-60 exhibitors, and if the respons (from the exhibitors) make it likely that we can reach our goal; then the new fair in Gothenburg will be establish.


At the same time, we agree that we want to "repeat the success" in Stockholm, so we are also looking forward to launching a fair in 2019 with some changes and innovations.


Read more about the two new fairs on this homepage. Here also can see all the details from the 2017 premier fair in Stockholm.


Swedish Labtech is official partner with Swedish LabDays










"As the Swedish Lab Association, we are pleased that the Swedish LabDays fair managed to create a new and large platform for trade and personal meetings within our industry, although we all where disappointed by the low numbers of visitors.


Nevertheless, the answers from the survey made after the fair, shows that the visitors was quite satisfied with the quality and relevance of the new fair. A result that also means that many exhibitors were quit pleased with the result of the new fair.


We interprets the answers from the survey that both the visitors and the exhibitors things that the new Swedish LabDays fair was worth their time; and as some says "one time is no time". And therefore we are looking forward to continued our cooperation with Swedish LabDays - for the benefit of our members and other actors in the industry. "




Peter Simonsbacka,

Chairman of Swedish Labtech

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