Stockholm 2019

Swedish LabDays 2017 was conducted successfully, and now is the time for the second version of the new Lab Fair in Stockholm...

The first version of the new Swedish LabDays fair had 74 exhibitors and 928 visitors during the two days the exhibition lasted. And the immediate feed back was that many considered the new lab fair concept as a "success to be continued".

And that is why we now launch Swedish LabDays 2019 at the Stockholm Fair Center from 2-3 October in the Victoria Hall.

You and your company now have the chance to reserve a stand at the Swedish LabDays fair 2019. The reservation is not binding.

And in the autumn we will send order confirmation to all who have reserved a stand. And when the order confirmation is signed and returned, the reservation becomes binding.

Our goal is a fair with a little more exhibitors than on the premiere fair in 2017, where there were 74 exhibitors. And our goal is also to attract more visitors - and one way is to attract annual- and theme meetings from some of the associations within the Lab industry; so that their meetings can be held in parallel with the fair.

Under the individual menu buttons you can read all the details about the new fairs in 2018 and 2019.

We look forward to hearing from you and of course hope for your support in the form of a reservation at the Swedish LabDays Fair 2019.

Swedish LabDays

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